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Healing Power of Celery

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I recently came across information about the healing properties of celery.  Yes, I said “celery.”  And, did you know that celery is an herb and not a vegetable.  Okay, so here is another fruit or vegetable that can do miraculous things to help the body.  Probably not, but getting more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is a good thing.  Here goes…

Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods.

According to the Medical Medium, celery starves unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, and viruses in the body and flushes the toxins out of the intestinal tract and liver.  At the same time, celery helps good bacteria thrive.

Another benefit of celery is that it helps alkalizes your gut.  This herb is high in bioactive sodium and micro trace mineral salts.  The enzymes and coenzymes in celery also aids in food digestion.  There are many more benefits (too many to list) that celery provides so take the time to add this food item to your diet.

Drinking celery juice is the easiest way to get the healing benefits from its complex nutritional makeup.  For the maximum effect, drink two 16-ounce glasses of fresh, organic celery juice daily and make sure it’s on an empty stomach to raise hydrochloric acid levels most efficiently.

If the taste is too strong, the Medical Medium recommends adding a carrotcucumber or apple to 1-2 heads of celery, stalks.  Rinse the celery and run it through a juicer.  Drink immediately if possible.  NOTE:  I tried juicing just celery, but the taste was not enjoyable to me.  Something was missing so…in addition to celery, I juiced 3 carrots and found that the taste was much improved.

Personally, I believe that juicing is great for the body and the immune system; however, I think the key to a healthy diet is eating (and drinking/juicing) a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.    

Let me know if you try juicing celery!


  1. I’m in the Mediterranean and our celery is lovely which is a good thing. As a vegan, I eat a lot of celery sometimes with my homemade hummus. While I do add it to soups and stews, I prefer eating it raw. What I buy is organic and local.

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      1. Actually, with a little practice one can save time and money not to mention the health benefits. If you really wish it, you will do so when you are ready. All the best. Léa

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  2. I didn’t know it was a herb. In a hotel in the Canaries I was eating loads of it. They had put it through some sort of machine that made it come out in long thin strips and it was a lot easier to eat, like noodles. I have not been able to do the same with it here.

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    1. Kaitis – Thank you for your comments. I think diet for Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or any chronic disease is very important. Doctors really overlook the benefits of eating healthy. 🙂


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