Interstitial Cystitis Poster

Thumbs UpI came across a poster that I thought really did a good job with summarizing the impact that Interstitial Cystitis (IC) has on a person’s life.

I tried to find out who created the poster, but the only information I could find was that the poster was passed around on FaceBook.  I do want to give “two thumbs up” to the creator because in just a few sentences, he or she gives the reader the facts needed to encapsulate the predicament of a person with an IC diagnosis.

I did take the liberty of giving the poster an update with new graphics.  I will also include the original poster for those of you who are interested.

Because IC is a rare disease, many people have no idea what this life-changing, incurable malady entails.  And I get that people are busy and are bombarded with vast amounts of information so having this poster with a few important snippets about IC is important.

Please take a look at the poster I updated followed by the original poster.  Thanks!

IC Poster
My Updated Version (2018) – Above

Orig IC Poster
Original Version (date unknown) – above


    1. Wanda, thank you for your kind words. This disease has been devastating to my life. I am trying to stay positive but some days are really difficult. My beautiful daughters keep me going each and every day.

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