Why Follow this Blog?


When I am “web surfing” and a blog catches my eye or I find one that I want to follow or subscribe to, there are usually several features that always seem to be captivating.   The blog should have lots of photos, graphics, interesting & unique content,  videos, polls, regular posts, etc.

I have a lot of great plans for my blog.  I upgraded my site so I can add tons of new, distinctive and hopefully, compelling elements.

I started this blog for a variety of reasons as I have mentioned before in other posts.  Ultimately, I am hoping that people with chronic diseases or people who want to live a healthy lifestyle come to this blog for support, information and even entertainment.  I want people to feel free to add comments, make suggestions for future topics, ask questions, answer questions and just participate.  Below are just a few of the cool features of this blog.


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I promise there are more great things to come!  Please click the “follow” button.

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