IC and Chiropractic Care

A recent study published in the British Journal of Urology identified a possible cause for this medical mystery.

The study stated “an identifiable lumbar nerve root compression appears to cause urological dysfunction consistent with Interstitial Cystitis.” Ten patients with severe Interstitial Cystitis were evaluated. All ten patients had a lateral compression of the L5 nerve root. Could chiropractic be of benefit to these patients? If the patient suffered from a subluxation interfering with the lumbar nerves it may be the cause of the bladder dysfunction.

Can chiropractic care help Interstitial Cystitis?

In a study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, eight cases of patients suffering from Interstitial Cystitis (BPS) under chiropractic care were examined. “The patients selected for this case series showed positive response to chiropractic care over various lengths of time and numbers of treatments.” For more information on the study, click the link below.


Can a chiropractic adjustment help the bladder?

Through chiropractic care, many have seen positive results, including improved bladder control and completely eliminating incontinence.

Some people with IC go to a chiropractor on a regular basis.

Can chiropractor adjust pelvic floor?

Chiropractic adjustments address spinal dysfunction, which can affect the nerves that lead to the pelvic floor muscles. By manipulating and applying force to the spinal joints, chiropractors can improve muscle and joint function, helping to stabilize the pelvic floor.

A chiropractor can achieve great results in managing and relieving pelvic pain by restoring the innate balance in both the pelvis and the spine. The most common chiropractic treatment options for promoting better balance are: Spine or pelvis adjustments. Exercises.

Can spine misalignment cause bladder problems?

Spinal misalignments, or vertebrae of the spine that are twisted, turned, or out of place, can put pressure on the bladder that can lead to problems with incontinence. The central nervous system is responsible for controlling the functions of the body, including the bladder.

Divya’s story of finding a solution for her IC.

Although I had my doubts about chiropractic care, I wanted to give it a try. I was already hopeless from failed medical treatments for my IC and on top of it, my back was hurting too. After an X-ray, Dr. Paul told me that I had a subluxation for a very long time and all my symptoms were related. Surprisingly, I actually got some relief after my very first chiropractic adjustment which convinced me to continue adjustments. Dr. Paul also suggested a natural detox solution for everyday use which has become my favorite remedy. Now, I can eat and drink regularly. Within 2-3 weeks, I was completely symptoms free! It’s been 2 months and I don’t have any IC troubles anymore. I am still getting adjusted in order to completely correct my spine and keep it healthy.Testimony by Divya.

Sometimes going the unconventional route gets you better results.

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