Distractions – Series 1, Post 3

YouTube Cooking Channel Countdown – Series 1, Post 3

This is the third post in my Distraction Series titled “YouTube Cooking Channel Countdown.”  If you have not read Post 1 or 2 in this series, please click the links below and read first.

Distractions – Series 1, Post 1

Distractions – Series 1, Post 2

Just a quick recap of this series – Anyone dealing with a chronic disease, IC or any other one, you need something to divert your attention away from the symptoms that you combat each day.  And as I said in Post 1 of this series, I understand that to get your mind off of your chronic disease is no small feat.  Most of the times it is impossible to do especially if you are in pain, but the difference in surviving and being defeated is knowing that you have to keep trying to push forward.

One of the distractions I use is watching YouTube.  This series will contain a list of my favorite distractions.  The first in the series is  a list of my favorite cooking channels on YouTube.  I did not want to include anyone who has a television show of any kind – just a YouTuber would qualify.

I announced the who made Number 4 in my last post – Helen’s Recipes.  Number 3 on the countdown list is…

  1.  To Be Announced.
  2.  To Be Announced.
  3.  French Guy Cooking
  4.  Helen’s Recipes
  5.  Nyonya Cooking

Alexis Gabriel Aïnouz (better known as Alex) is the star of the cooking channel called, “French Guy Cooking.”  He is a self-taught home cook.  He was born in France.  Alex founded and ran an online marketing agency in Paris, France but found that he wanted to pursue becoming a “food-maker” (his term).  He started sharing his love for food through YouTube Videos.

He shares his knowledge of French food.  Alex’s channel is different from other cooking videos.  He delivers his recipes and content in a comedic fashion.  His delivery is “over-the-top” and very entertaining.  His videos are in English with a French accent.  His popularity has grown over the years, and he now has a global following.  Even if you do not cook a single recipe of his, you will enjoy watching his videos.  He also has a variety of guests which keeps the shows interesting.  Another feature I like is that there is a lot of movement in his camera shots.  He uses different angles as well.  You will understand what I mean if you get a chance to watch him.

His channel can be found using the following link:

French Guy Cooking

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Let me know what you think of Alex.  Thanks for visiting.

5 and 4 cooking countdown

321 Cooking Countdown


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