Personalized Graphics

When dealing with a chronic disease like IC, I wrote about the importance of distractions.  I know that at times nothing will get your mind off of the pain or symptoms, but you have got to try.  This blog has been such a great experience for me.  I love writing blog posts & interacting with others.  I am always learning something new.

Graphics progression

So now on to the point of this post.  One of my favorite pastimes is creating my own graphics for my blog.  I use several apps and Microsoft PowerPoint.  The series of pictures above is an example.

Picture #1 is a photo I took in my hometown.  This is a barbershop.  In Picture #2, I added leaves to the tree, and I filled in the planter with greenery.  And finally, Picture #3, I added my image and “cartoonized” the photo.

I also make most of the graphics for my background that you see on either side of my blog pages.  Each month I update the background and main page graphics.

I want to thank all of the readers for visiting my blog.  In addition to creating something visually interesting, I hope I am providing good information.


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