Graphics by Mazoli – Salt

When dealing with a chronic disease of any kind, I think it is really important to have certain tools in place.

An example of a tool you can use to help you deal with the challenges that come with having a chronic disease is finding a hobbie that distracts you. I realize some days nothing will help; however, when you do have a day where your symptoms are somewhat better, take advantage of that time and do something that takes your mind off of your symptoms.

One of my hobbies is creating my own graphics. The software I use Microsoft PowerPoint. The software allows you to use shapes, colors, shading and so much more to produce unique, one-of-a-kind graphics. This is my second posting in my series call “Graphics by Mazoli.”

Remember to check out all of my graphics in this series! I will try a do a post each week. Take a look at the graphic below!

Can you tell what this graphic is? It is suppose to look like a box or container of “salt.”

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