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NEW! Hello Challenge

I have readers from around the world, and I have a favor to ask of you.  Please take a minute to say “hello” in your language, and let me know what country you are from in the comments below.  Just say something like…

Mazoli from the United States says, “Hello.”

Hello Words

I want to really encourage people to give their thoughts on how they handle a chronic disease or how they support someone who has one.


If you do not have a disease, how do you keep yourself healthy?  Are there supplements that you feel are critical to your health.  Are you maintaining your health through food and nutrition?  Is exercise your thing?


For now, just say hello or bonjour or hola or however you greet someone in your language, and let me know what country you are from.


Thank you for subscribing to my blog.  I am hopeful that most of you will take this “Hello Challenge.”  I hope to hear from my followers from India, Kenya, Canada, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Germany, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Panama, Malta, South Korea, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Philippines, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Norway, Morocco, Brazil, Indonesia, Uruguay, Japan, China, Cyprus, Singapore, Mexico, Costa Rica, Israel, Romania and the United States.

I wonder what country will have the most number of greetings in the comments below!

Mazoli from Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA says, “Hello!


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