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Message BLAST 11: Promising Supplement

Periodically, I will post “Message BLASTS.”  A Message BLAST is a brief post containing information that I want to quickly deliver to you.


I am really excited about this supplement I found.  The supplement is suppose to help with the pressure and pain from Interstitial Cystitis (IC).  I read alot of information and reviews and am very encouraged! 

I ordered the product this past Saturday.  When the supplement arrives, I will write a post about it!!  As always, I am hopeful that this is what I have been searching for. 

Of course, even though IC symptoms are the same for most, the treatments and supplements are very individualized.  What works for one person may not work for another.  You may also need a combination of therapies or medications or supplements to help you. 

I will let you know as soon as the supplement is delivered!!  Stay tuned.

Thank you.


  1. I was diagnosed with ic a year ago. Those of us with this disease know how life altering it can be. I am always searching for alternative natural approaches to ic. I was happy to have stumbled across your website. Thank you for the great info.

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    1. The supplement is called PEAORA Poly 500 dietary supplement. Check out my post about Possible Causes for IC. I give more details. FYI – I am not affliated with this company. If I find a product helps others, I share that information. I am still on the hunt. Thanks for commenting.

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      1. I did not find that it made a difference 😩. It also has magnesium which tends to bother my bladder. I know magnesium is supposed to help relax the bladder but my bladder is very sensitive.


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