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Message BLAST 9: Ultranol Update

Periodically, I will post “Message BLASTS.”  A Message BLAST is a brief post containing information that I want to quickly deliver to you.


Message BLAST Delivery!

I had to stop taking Ultranol Total Bladder Support because my bladder pain increased.  I am not certain that this supplement is the reason for the increased discomfort but to be on the safe side I have decided to discontinue taking Ultranol.  

As I have mentioned before, I am always willing to give a new supplement a try.  I am determined to keep searching for better management or better yet, cure of this disease (IC).

One of my tips for people taking supplements for any chronic disease is to not take too many different kinds initially.  I like to add one at a time to decide if I feel I am getting any benefits from the supplement.  If you introduce more than one at a time, you will not know for certain which one is helping or worsening your symptoms.

The search continues for possible solutions, and I will keep you updated.  Thanks for stopping by.  🙂 


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