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MicroGenDX Laboratory & IC

Pictured above is my daughter who currently attends college for Biomedical Engineering.

MicroGenDX Laboratory is used by Ruth Kriz to identify if an Interstitial Cystitis (IC) patient  has an infection.  According to Ruth, sometimes an infection is not detected in a standard urine culture plate.  MicroGenDX states that “there is a significant problem with culture method techniques to accurately identify the microbes causing chronic infections.”  “MicroGenDX Laboratory uses Next Generation DNA Sequencing to accurately identify all the microbes within a sample taken at the site of suspected infection to deliver our clients the most comprehensive lab report for microbial identification for clinical decision-making.”

Even though Ruth Kriz may be retiring, the DNA sequencing technology performed by this laboratory is still available.  Other medical professionals are able to utilize these services.

On MicroGenDX Laboratory YouTube channel, there is a video of Ruth Kriz discussing why she uses this particular laboratory and technology.  I have included the video transcript and link to the video below. 

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  I’m Ruth Kriz, I’m a nurse practitioner.  I’ve spent the past 35 years of my life investigating and treating people with Chronic Urinary Tract Infections and Interstitial Cystitis.  My patients are generally those who have had ongoing urinary tract symptoms for either months or, more often, years.  They’ve been through the standard course of urological procedures to rule out other conditions.  They have been told that their symptoms no longer are caused by an infection because nothing grows out on a standard urine culture plate, and that they most likely have interstitial cystitis.  This may be determined either by exclusion of other conditions or by more extensive testing.  Then they have been given pharmaceuticals or other products to help manage their symptoms.

With DNA testing, we don’t have that ambiguity, we don’t have all of the human error being introduced, and we don’t have the selection bias of what will or will not grow.  We know what to treat, that we didn’t know before.  This process of treat, retest, treat, get the bugs on the run, get the biofilms broken down, is how we’re going to make the best progress.  Learn more about Ruth Kriz at or about MicroGenDX at 

To watch the Ruth Kriz video, click the link below.

Ruth Kriz Video Link

Again, I am not a medical professional, and I am not affiliated with this laboratory or Ruth Kriz.  This posting is for information purposes only.

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