Graphics by Mazoli – Book

I have written about having distractions to help cope with a chronic disease. Some examples are yoga, walking, watching movies, talking to friends and family, cooking, etc.

One of my hobbies (or distractions) is creating my own graphics. The software I use Microsoft PowerPoint. The software allows you to use shapes, colors, shading and so much more to produce unique, one-of-a-kind graphics. For this graphic, I also used an application that creates a cartoon. This is my fourth posting in my series call “Graphics by Mazoli.”

Remember to check out all of my graphics in this series! I will try a do a post each week. Take a look at the graphic below!

The graphic above is a book.


  1. Hi Mazoli, Im a long time follower…….
    Awesome graphic, as always.
    Beside that, my view on health is like that everything can be healt.
    And you work so hard to find the anwsers.

    A long time ago I saw this documentary the first you see is Jon Gabriel.
    As this is about weight loss, the understanding all of it is what the hell is wrong with our food ok.

    Hungry For Change This is why you CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT !

    So Hi again to you out there much love from Amsterdam Netherlands localtime 00:58 am

    Have a Awesome day……

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