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Ruth Kriz, IC Practitioner

Looking for a medical professional to treat Interstitial Cystitis (IC) can be a daunting task.  Just because a doctor says that IC is one of the conditions he or she treats does not mean a lot on the surface.  You really have to do your research.

carGenerally speaking, most Urologists include IC in their list of conditions they treat because the urinary system is in their area of expertise.  However, I find that to get the needed attention you deserve, you need to find someone who specializes in IC.  You will need to have a long-term relationship with that person.  You need someone who will listen to you and be willing to try different treatment options that fit your specific challenges.  You need someone who is compassionate.

To find that right IC practitioner, you more than likely will have to travel to his or her location because really good IC medical professionals are scarce.  So get ready for some road trips or even flights.  You might be able to do an initial “in-person” office visit and then Skype consultations later.  Also, some of the treatments and medications may be covered by insurance and others may not.

If you have IC or Lyme Disease, you probably heard of Ruth Kriz.  She is a nurse practitioner who specializes in treating IC patients.  I have included a link to her website below.

Link to Ruth Kriz, MSN, APRN

Ruth has a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and she is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).  Her private practice is in Washington DC, USA.  Ruth specializes in IC.  She has an impressive curriculum vitae which is documented in the link I provided above.  Ruth’s site states that she is successfully treating IC patients in countries worldwide including the U.S. and 24 additional countries.  She also mentors other medical professionals who want to treat IC and other chronic health conditions.

On her site, she explains what she thinks needs to be addressed for IC to be successfully treated.  She goes on to talk about needing to use a broth culture to isolate causative organisms and how biofilms make a long-term treatment protocol necessary.  Her approach uses pharmaceuticals, herbals and nutritional supplements.  She believes in boosting the body’s immune system as well.

If anyone has been treated by Ruth Kriz, please share your experience and any results from her treatments.


  1. Just checking back in to see if anyone has replied with their experiences of treatment with Ruth Kris.
    Have to say I was hoping someone would have commented
    Hey ho

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    1. I have not received any responses about Ruth Kriz. I have sent an email to her office to inquire about how she handles patients that have to travel far distances. I also know that she uses a particular lab to run urine samples because she has a certain protocol (broth culture) to find out if there are specific bacteria in the bladder. I will be writing another update shortly.


    1. Silverfish – I have not heard back from Ruth Kriz yet. I will follow up today. I am sorry but I have been dealing with a flare up this week so my free time has been spent in bed or lying down. I did find a testimony regarding Ruth Kriz and it was not a good one. I will share with you and my readers.


    2. Oh, and when I get some information back from Ruth Kriz, we can definitely talk using WhatsApp. I use that application to speak to my other readers as well.


  2. I have not been treated by Ruth Kriz but I think her theory is spot on. Months and months of suffering could have been avoided had I not believed negative lab results for a UTI.

    I began taking antibiotics at the first sign of an “IC Flare” years ago and discovered they were these “flares” were ALWAYS in fact an infection.

    If you can’t get to her get to someone who believes her theory. You may have not have IC at all.

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  3. I have been unable to contact her–left phone messages that are not answered and sent an e-mail but the e-mail address for her no longer works.
    If anyone does reach her, please let us know. Also if anyone knows practitioners that are trained in her method, please let us know!


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