Poll 2 – Unlucky?

This is my blog’s second poll.  Voting in the last poll was very low.  I am hoping that voter turnout is much better this time.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.  Feel free to suggest other topics for future polls!

Voting Campaign - February 2019

Unfortunately, all of these diseases and/or conditions have touched me and my family.

What is going on today with people’s well-being?

Health is such a valuable gift that we should not take for granted.  Wishing you and your family health and happiness.


  1. Hello!
    Unfortunatelly, health is not always a thing we can keep, especially if we inherit diseases from generation to generation, but there is one cure.
    Positive thinking, hope, faith and believe in yourself that you shall overcome all these bumps you have in your life. See the future as an opportunity and live the day.

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