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Message BLAST 6: Cyber Food Truck

Periodically, I will post “Message BLASTS.”  A Message BLAST is a brief post containing information that I want to quickly deliver.

Message Blast Info

I am adding a new feature to my blog – Cyber Food Truck Recipes!  I have a friend at work who suggested I put recipes on my blog.  So here you go….

The Cyber Food Truck will roll in and out of my blog posts from time to time.  All of the recipes are free.  Who said nothing is free? 🙂  If you would like to contribute to the menu, just contact me via my Contact Page. 

In addition to recipes I create or like to use, I will also have guest chefs working in the food truck and sharing what they love to eat.  There are always one or two dishes that you or your family are known for making and serving at family gatherings or office parties.  Hopefully, the recipes will be on the healthier side, but if not, substitutes will be included as an option.    For example, a recipe may call for sour cream.  Whether it is me or another chef in the Cyber Food Truck, a lighter option like yogurt would be included in the recipe as a potential substitute. 

I can definitely appreciate delicious food; however, producing great plate of food is more of a challenge for me.  Now, as far as my family goes, I was lucky to consume a lot of food by some of the best home cooks.  I am sort of disappointing on that front. 😦  

drawn fruit and vegRecently, I have started adding fruits and vegetables to my diet that will hopefully help build-up my immune system.  There is so much debate surrounding what causes IC, and unfortunately, today’s clinical protocol used by medical practitioners is to give out medicine to mask the symptoms, not find the root cause.  I get why you need to treat symptoms because you need relief, but you also need to “fix” what is wrong.

I am now trying to juice as often as I can manage with my busy schedule.  I honestly believe that if you boost your immune system, your body can naturally heal a lot of today’s ailments.  So the theory behind juicing is that getting a large amount of fruits and vegetables in it’s simplest form, a juice, will allow your body to easily absorb all of the nutrients you need without overworking your digestive system.  I am developing juice recipes that my bladder can tolerate.  My focus now is to juice on a regular basis.  So for now, I will be serving up juice recipes from my Cyber Food Truck.  And, yes, there will be the occasional indulgent & calorie-packed recipe.  I am an admitted “chocoholic” and love anything sweet.  Moderation is the key.  

As I mentioned in a recent post, I am on a mission to give my body what it needs to effectively deal with IC. 

Exercise, proper nutrition, reinforcing my diet with key supplements, meditation and good, old-fashion rest are being integrated into my daily living habits. 

I am starting off slowly with the goal of building these habits to a level where my body will heal and my health will thrive.  I also think that anyone with IC, a chronic illness, or a desire to maintain his or her health should focus on three essential pillars of good health:  mind, body & spirit.

As always, I encourage participation.  Let me know some of the things you are doing to stay healthy.

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