Reason for My Blog

Writing BlogI was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) in 1995.  After a year of going to doctor after doctor, I finally received my IC diagnosis.  I was so happy to have the name of this disease that had been tormenting me for months on end.  I just knew that with the disease identified that I could get the needed medications, treatments, etc. and get back to living my life.

What I was not prepared for was the feeling of isolation and lack of substantive help from the medical community I would encounter as I struggled to get a handle on this disease.  Fast forward 20+ years and I am still trying to elevate my day-to-day life from one that could be described as a struggle to one that is filled with enjoyment.

I am constantly researching the latest, greatest and even wackiest ways to “beat” IC.  I just know there are answers out there.  I say answers with an “s because I think I may respond to something you may or may not or you may need two to four things to get these symptoms under control where I may need some other combination.  I am even willing to say I believe there are CURES out there waiting for us to find them or maybe the more “medically correct” way of saying this would be to say I believe we can find ways to get this disease in remission.

The reason I am writing this blog is I want a place where I can document how something is or is not working for me when it comes to getting IC under control.  I also want to hear from you, the readers, and find out the same.  I think if we collectively pull our stories of successes as well as our failures on this blog, maybe we can start to make a real difference and “beat” IC!


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