Simple Solutions Hidden

This story I am about to tell you always gives me hope!

I remember when I was in high school that one of my friend’s mother had major back issues for years, and the issues were progressively worsening.  Her mother was at the point where surgery was being considered.  Her back pain was so bad that she had to sleep on the living room floor because that was the only place that provided some temporary relief.

Something unrelated required her mother to get bloodwork and other medical tests done.  When her mother went to the doctor to get the results of the tests, the nurse noticed that the calcium levels were extremely low.  My friend’s mother told the nurse that she took calcium supplements daily and was very surprised that the levels were low.

To make a long story short, the calcium supplement her mother was taking was doubled or tripled in addition to adding another supplement that would help the calcium be better absorbed.  After a short period of time, the back pain was completely gone, and her mother was back to be as active as she was before the back pain.

Something as inexpensive and so readily available as the over-the-counter product, calcium, was the solution to this woman’s life-altering health issue.  The solution was so simple and hidden for so many years.

This story is one of hope and encouragement.  Who knows…. our solution may be simple and hidden as well!


  1. Hi Mazoli, Great post! It got me thinking about IC and all the other problems that come with it. There is a strong link between IC, Candida and E-coli. Some find that a candida diet for 4 months really helps reduce their symptoms. While others find that taking ‘Waterfall D-mannose’ helps wash away any unwanted bacteria from their bladder. E-coli can bury itself deep within the bladder lining and doesn’t always show up in urine samples. D-mannose (or similar) is a must for IC sufferers. Hope this info helps 😊

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