Tips for Bladder Pain Relief



Endurance is a key factor in dealing with IC. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am always surfing the internet for possible remedies or ways to cope with this disease. I came across several people that mentioned trying to keep a positive attitude works for them.

On the surface, keeping a positive attitude seems trite or insignificant. I hear people say to find ways to distract you from the symptoms. When you are in a “bad” place which unfortunately is a very common occurrence for people with IC, getting this type of advice almost seems insulting; however, there is some truth in piece of advice.

I know there is only so much you can do to distract yourself from the bladder spasms, exhaustion and pain that comes to be a part of your daily life, but you must try.

Force yourself to find something that shifts the focus. Walking, swimming or some physical form of exercise will produce endorphins that will help fight the physical and mental challenges you are faced with. If you are at a point where physical activity is out of the question, then pick up a phone and talk to a family member or friend. Allow some of your talking time to be about your current symptoms, but then change the subject. Change the conversation to something that is unrelated to IC. Talk about something that allows to dull the intensity of what you are going through now.

I always describe IC pain as a “noise” that does not allow me to enjoy life. I can only keep pushing the pain away for so long, but if, for just a few minutes, I can box it up and think about something totally unrelated such as music or a movie or whatever, I feel like I have given myself some brief relief.  Whatever distraction you decide on, keep repeating and make it a part of your life. And if you can use this technique, your outlook on this disease and on life will improve.

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