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Message BLAST 2: Red Reishi Mushroom

message blast

Periodically, I will post “Message BLASTS.”  A Message BLAST is a short post containing information that I want to quickly get out.

I was doing my routine internet surfing to find anything IC-related.  I came across several websites that talked about “Red Reishi Mushroom” supplements helping with IC symptoms.  I have read a lot about natural remedies, but this product was a new one to me.

Has anyone heard of or tried this Red Reishi Mushroom?  And if so, did the supplement help alleviate your IC symptoms?

1541997063481From what I can tell, the supplement is supposed to help with bladder pain.  I will continue to research this and will post what I uncover.  Please comment if you have any information on this Red Reishi Mushroom powder and/or capsules.  Keep an eye out for my upcoming post.

Also, the more people share their stories and knowledge about IC, the better off we will all be so please click the “follow” button.

Click link below for complete post on Red Reishi Mushrooms.

NEW! Red Reishi Mushroom


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