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Message Blast 3: Treatment Options

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Periodically, I will post “Message BLASTS.”  A Message BLAST is a short post containing information that I want to quickly get out.


I1541997063481 added a new page to my blog called “Treatment Options.”  As I (we) add, delete and edit, I plan to reorganize the inventory in a more user-friendly, logical format.  Ultimately, I would like to get this list to be very specific.  For instance, what brand and dosage of Quercetin helped a particular person, and how long did it take before seeing any results?  I know that this will vary from person to person, but not all products are equal.  If a person tries an inferior product and/or an incorrect dose, the results may not materialize.  Additionally, if the product is not given the appropriate amount of time, the desired outcome may fall short.  If a particular combination or protocol is required, we need to know that as well.

Please feel free to send me any additions I should include in the list.  I know that the homeopathic options need to be expanded.  I will continue to build the list over time.

I also plan to add a page that contains a list of practitioners that specialize in treating IC patients.  I want the list to include people (medical or non-medical) who are having success in minimizing or eradicating the symptoms that are plaguing IC suffers.  Again, I do not want to give you medical advice.  I just want to make sure you and I know what is available, and who is successfully treating patients with IC.

Click here – Treatment Options Link  to go to the Treatment Options Page or you can click on the menu link above as well.  


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