Tips for Bladder Pain Relief

Tip 101: Baking Soda for Pain Relief!

1526169009015The tip I am writing about today has worked great for me!  When I am really in a lot of pain, and I cannot get my pain level lowered, I drink a mixture of water and baking soda (soda NOT powder).

Put a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup.  Add 1/4 water and stir until the baking soda mixed in completely.  Drink the “baking soda” water.  In 15 minutes or so, my bladder pain level lowers!

I have read on the internet that other people with IC also use this tip with some success.  I tried it myself and the concoction works for me.  Now, the relief is temporary, but the mission to lower the pain gives me exactly what I need to move on with my day.  I have only used this concoction once maybe twice in a day.  As always, seek medical advice before drinking this mixture.  My mother use to add more water to this mixture and drink for heartburn.

What is interesting to me is…. why does this work on relieving bladder pain?  Does the acidity or pH level of urine have anything to do with IC?  Let me know your thoughts on the pH levels of urine and IC.

I hope this tip works for you!  Let me know if you tried this mixture and if you got any pain relief.


  1. I do this whenever I have a flare up (both IC and heartburn) and it helps. I’ve always had acid reflux and I too have wondered if acidity has anything to do with this mysterious syndrome. Because of this I’ve been focusing on making my body more alkaline to see if it helps my symptoms at all.

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