Distractions – Series 1, Post 4

YouTube Cooking Channel Countdown – Series 1, Post 4

This is the fourth and final post in my Distraction Series titled “YouTube Cooking Channel Countdown.”  If you have not read Post 1, 2 or 3 in this series, please click the links below and read first.

Distractions – Series 1, Post 1

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Just a quick recap of this series – Anyone dealing with a chronic disease such as IC or any other one, you need something to divert your attention away from the symptoms that you combat each day.  And as I said in Post 1 of this series, I understand that to get your mind off of your chronic disease is no small feat.  Most of the times it is impossible to do especially if you are in pain, but the difference in surviving and being defeated is knowing that you have to keep trying to push forward.

One of the distractions I use is watching Cooking AnnouncerYouTube.  This series will contain a list of my favorite distractions.  The first in the series is a list of my favorite cooking channels on YouTube.  I did not want to include anyone who has a television show of any kind – just a YouTuber would qualify.

Today I am announcing the persons in the second spot and the number one spot!  Number 2 and 1 on the countdown list are…

  1.  Maangchi
  2.  Pailin’s Kitchen
  3.  French Guy Cooking
  4.  Helen’s Recipes
  5.  Nyonya Cooking

Pailin Chongchitnant (better known as Pai) is the star of the cooking channel called, “Pailin’s Kitchen or also known as Hot Thai Kitchen”  She is a professionally trained chef.  What makes Pai unique is that she specializes in Thai cuisine.

She was born and raised in Thailand and later migrated to Canada.  Pai loves to share her love of Thai food.  Her YouTube channel takes an educational approach to Thai cooking.  She talks about Thai culture in her videos.  Her channel also ventures out of the kitchen and into trade shows, festivals and other locations including Thailand.  Pai is very comfortable in front of the camera which puts the viewers at ease when trying to cook a dish that might be intimidating otherwise.  Her videos are very easy to follow.  She has some great curry recipes.  Again, if you never cook a single recipe, you will enjoy her channel although I think she would feel somewhat let down because her videos are meant to make cooking Thai dishes easy, fun and delicious.

Her channel can be found using the following link:

Pailin’s Kitchen

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And my Number 1 pick as my favorite YouTube cooking channel is…


Maangchi’s real name is Kim Kwang-sook.   Maangchi has been given the moniker of the YouTube’s Korean Julia Child.  She was born in South Korea, migrated to Canada as an adult and now lives in New York City.  There are tons of reasons to love Maangchi’s cooking channel.  Her personality is off the charts.  You will want to be her friend after watching her videos.  Actually, you will feel she is your friend.  It is like she is talking directly to you her viewer.

She is known for wearing interesting hats.  Maangchi shares lots of stories about her Korean culture and her life back in South Korea.  She has some really great videos of her trips to South Korea.  You really get to know about her through her channel.  She also has a well-known video sign off….”Enjoy my recipe.  See you next time!  Bye.”  You’ll understand when you watch her videos.  Her cuisine is obviously Korean.  She gives you the English names of her recipes as well as the Korean names.

Maangchi also saw her goal of doing a global cooking show come to fruition.  She titled her limited series “Gapshida” which means “Let’s go or Let’s go together.”  In this YouTube series,  Maangchi traveled to several countries to meet up with some of her subscribers and have some fun cooking.  She went to the UK, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Denmark, the Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Netherlands to prepare some of her Korean recipes.  She would also get a cooking lesson from her subscriber on how to prepare one of their native dishes.  The videos always ended with a big party where they would eat the food they prepared together.

Maangchi’s channel can be found using the following link:


All of these YouTube cooking celebrities have at least one cookbook if you are interested.  Let me know what you think of my list.  Thanks for visiting.

5 and 4 cooking countdown

countdown 3 to 1

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