Distractions – Series 1, Post 1

YouTube Cooking Channel Countdown: Series 1, Post 1

I thought I would do a different type of post.  I need to divert my attention from dealing with the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis (IC) every once in a while.  Hyper-focusing on IC is not a good thing.  I did a blog post on distractions, and I would like to further explain what I mean.  When you have a chronic disease, you need to fill your life with distractions to get you through days that are challenging.  With IC you may not have much energy or desire to do much because of the symptoms you are dealing with so YouTube can be the perfect, “easily-done” distraction.  Everyone needs coping mechanisms to deal with stress, work challenges, family feuds, etc.  IC sufferers especially need to get their minds off of their symptoms.

I am not trying to minimize the extreme difficulty of maneuvering through life while dealing with horrific symptoms that come with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or any chronic illness.  I am just sharing tools that I use to help me manage my emotional health as an IC sufferer.  Some days these distractions help and other days nothing works.

Take some time out of your day to do something totally fun.  You deserve it and you need it.  Hopefully, your day will be a little better.  One of the distractions I use is watching YouTube.  I want to do a series where I do a countdown of my favorite distractions.  The first in the series is  a list of my favorite cooking channels on YouTube.  I did not want to include anyone who has a television show of any kind – just a YouTuber would qualify.

I will start with Number 5 on the countdown list.

  1.  To Be Announced.
  2.  To Be Announced.
  3.  To Be Announced.
  4.  To Be Announced.
  5.  Nyonya Cooking

The funny thing is I really do not cook, but I find cooking videos very relaxing.  Grace Teo is the star of the cooking channel called, “Nyonya Cooking.”  She cooks Malaysian and Southeast Asian dishes.  She grew up and was educated in Malaysia.  She now lives in Germany where she films her cooking channel.  She also films at different locations and gives you a food tour.  These YouTube videos are some of my favorites.  She orders food from the street vendors, and gives you information about the food from her perspective.

She is extremely well-spoken, and she always has a smile on her face.  Her videos explain step by step on how to prepare the dish.  She always add a personal story to her videos.  Recently, she did a live stream where you could ask her questions or give your comments to her live.  Her channel can be found using the following link:  Nyonya Cooking

Take some time to check out her videos.  If you have a favorite YouTube cooking personality, please share and comment below.  There are so many great cooking videos; the task of limiting myself to 5 was difficult but fun.  I will be completing the countdown over the coming days.  Please check my post or click “follow” to see how my list turns out.  Let me know who would be on your Top 5 list and what type of foods you enjoy!  As I get older my taste buds are changing or should I say “less picky.”  I find that foods that I did not like in the past are not a problem now.  I just about like any type of food which is not so good for the waist-line!

My hope is that this series will be entertaining.  I want to provide you with some potential distractions that might help you think of something other than IC (even if it is just for a few minutes).

Let me know what you do to relieve stress.

NEW! Distractions – Series 1

5 and 4 cooking countdown


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